Hello to everyone!  My name is Georgia.  My DH John and DS Jonathan live in Rockdale Texas.  I waited as long as I could possible manage for my DH to plan, discuss and research the best way to build my girls a coop.  Then I finally built it myself from a lean to on the side of the garage and a large fenced run area attached. It holds my 32 layers (Americanas, Australorps, & 4 Wynedotts named for the Golder Girls) perfectly. Then I discovered BYC...and now my family and friends are planning an intervention.  I fell in love with all the pics in this site and had to have some frizzles!  Another large problem that does not help with my obsession is Ideal Poultry is only 20 miles from me!!! So of course I ordered some, only 15. And of course the Mille de Fleurs and just beautiful and the silkes are the cutest things ever, so I picked up 12 of each two weeks later.  Dangerouschicken from Oregon is now my newest hero!  I want to be her when I grow up (just dont tell her I am almost 50!) So of course I had to get me some freezer chicks. Picked them up this week and am working on mustering up all it is going to take to get the "job" done. So now 70+ chicks later, I am wondering if I need a milk goat....and just how much a divorce will cost me. I doubt the city will allow it anyway. So I have to stick with my chicks and quilts (Speckledhen you do beautiful work!) but both make me extremely happy.  I am working on building a new sewing room where I can quilt and sew and look out at my girls in their run as I drink my morning coffee in my new BYC mug that just came yesterday! Only 2 days after I ordered it! How great will that be!!! I am happy to be a part of this wonderful group of people and hope to make many new friends.