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    [​IMG]I am new to the whole chicken thing, but really excited. My kids and I picked out some super cute chicks from TSC. I have a total of 30 chickens and 5 Rouen Ducks. One girl duck and 5 boys/.
    The people at TSC were not able to tell me what kind of breeds I have but I’m sure that I have after looking up labels and some research. I have 3 americaunas, I think I have a white silky, 3 bantams and 2 Silver laced polish. The rest I don’t know. Not sure if that would go very well. One of the containers on TSC said sex linked and straight run? I think sex linked means it’s either a boy or girl and straight run I don’t know?

    I found out about through the browser when researching questions and found this site very informative.
    I’m a full time college student working on my bachelors and a mother of 6 children ages 11 – 19 years of age. My youngest daughter joined 4H last year and thought the Cornish hen might be a good contestant for a future showing?

    Types of chickens that I have:[​IMG]
    1. Australorps x 2
    2. Bantams x 2
    3. Orpington x1
    4. Americaunas x3
    5. Polish x2
    6. Dark Cornish x1 (Gloria)
    7. Star or Red Cornish x1 (Zoe)
    8. and more [​IMG]

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