Here's an update of my new flock. I purchased them as chicks from our local TSC on 7 March 2011, the second batch (mystery black breed) was purchased about a month later.
This is my first try at building the page...sorry if it looks messed up as a final product once posted, but if it's screwed up...give me time and I'll figure out how to fix it! :)

Here they are a month later...

TSC Red Pullet mix - Rhode Island Reds or Production Reds??? Looks like a Roo and a hen to me Here's another TSC pullet mystery...I'm thinking it's a Buff Cochin Bantam hen. What's ur thot?

These two barred rock Roos are no longer with me, but look at the interest my Jack Russell puppies have in them! Here's two of the SC Black Mystery Chicks...they look like the BR's I had but darker! I think the lighter one here is a Rooster. The Jacks are only 3 1/2 months old...and sweet as can be!


More of the TSC Black Mystery Chicks... two hens. I wish the picture was better, but this "stare down" was so cute, I couldn't resist posting....
Here's an update...2 months later for the big'uns...1 month later for they TSC Black Mystery Pullets. I'm thinking those black mystery pullets are some kind of Plymouth Rock, Barred Rock, or freak!


What is this? A Buff Orphington? I have no idea...thanks to the TSC mixed pullet bin. Sure looks like a hen and a Roo RIR to me...what says you???


What kind of chicken is white with a yellow/orange comb? She's much bigger than she appears here. Yet another mystery...what is this white bottomed hen...could it be a Star?


A work in progress...4' x 7' x 5'...I have become a fan of pine pellets for my floor. Less dusty than pine shavings! Yet another look at the 3.5 month old chicken sentinals!

Don't you just love when they find a place to perch/roost above a water source...yep, this Roo just "blessed" the water! A final shot of the "flock"....what a mix! There's the white one my daughter named "Yogurt"...I still don't know what the heck breed of chicken she is with that yellow/orange comb. I invite your comments, PMs, e-mails, etc... this is new to me! Take Care!