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    Hello & welcome to my chicken page!
    I'm a 3 month old Bar rock chicken & I have 3 sisters of the same feather, their names are: Emma, Penelope, Fergie.

    I live in a chicken tractor in Elk Grove Ca. I'm what you would call a residential chicken dweller. My house is made out of a used up-right dog cage that my owner used when she groomed clients pets.
    You can view me & my sisters in the chicken tractor at:
    Look under my photos - "Album is called In the company of chickens". Sorry my feathered brain could not figure out how to load a picture of us up on this application.
    We love the fact that we can go out into the garden and still be protected by city dwellers that like to eat us like, cats, dogs, birds of pray and then some...Our favorite greens are grass clippings, lettuce, weeds and all the worms & bugs we can eat. Thank goodness my parents grow a year round garden! So we do not miss out on anything...

    Our mom was raised on a farm and loves all animals, our dad well, what ever makes mom happy, is his motto. Although I watch him watching us all the time, and I over hear their conversations on how much they would love to have more acreage and raise chickens when they retire in 2 years if possible. For the time being we are one huge happy other brother & sisters are...
    Moe the chocolate lab, Cloe the Lhasa Apso, and all the other pets my mom cares for at her business, from exotics to rabbits and much more. I hope to keep pecking at how to up load pictures so you can see a cluckier page, so bar with me..In the mean time cluck on my fellow chickens!

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