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By gmachicken · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. gmachicken
    Hi again,
    since the last post, I thought I had posted again but probably messed it up!
    We now have 19, hens and chicks.
    Lost one the other day by a mysterious something. So the girls are in their coop until i can be with them outside.
    So having fun with 4 who are almost 17 weeks, 2 BO and 2 BR.
    Then there are the 7 7/8 week olds. They are so funny. 1 light Brahma, 2 BO, 2 Americanas, 2 black sexlinks.
    Their mama's were 2 bantams. One of them decided a week ago that those kids were to much and settled in with the big girls.
    The other left last night as I was settleing them in. She just wanted some adult time I guess.
    Well that's it for now.
    Hope to get some more garden in tomorrow!
    Have a blessed day.

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