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Getting Ready

  1. gmickey2001
    Getting ready for our family's first chicks. Built this 4 x 4 brooder this weekend to hold 8. Haven't figured out the light yet. Any suggestions on placement and fixture etc. would be appreciated. Also, I know the light is for heat. Does that mean it stays on 24/7?


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  1. KristanB
    I lay my lamp right on the wire...then they can lay right under it or move away if they are too hot. Nice brooder!
  2. The Yolk Folks
    You'll be ready to have them outside by then, that's for sure!
  3. gmickey2001
    Thanks for all the suggestions. Once they leave the brooder, I plan to move them into a 4 x 8 coop with a 8 x 20 run attached. Saw the design on this site. Haven't built it yet though. I figure I have 5 or 6 weeks after the chicks arrive to get it done right?
  4. SunnyChicksFarm
    I used PVC to make a stand for my heat light. I wrapped the cord around the stand several times and just raised or lowered it depending on the tempature in the box. It has worked very well and is inexpensive. I will post a picture of the stand over the brooder box so you can see it.
  5. The Yolk Folks
    Nice brooder box. If newly hatched, the chicks need about 95 degrees Fahrenheit under the light for the first week, and you can drop the temp about 5 degrees a week after that until they feather out. I put my light on a rope and keep a thermometer in the box, and just raised the light when I wanted to lower the temperature. And, yes, keeping it on 24/7 is needed at least until they feather out. 1USAVET is right, too, that if it's too hot they will move away from the light (and they should be given room to do that) and if they are all huddled up too close under the light they might be too cold. I just kept an old outdoor thermometer in the box for a while. Good ideas on raising up the food and water containers a bit too, because those little biddies will run all over and in that stuff and don't care where they poop. Be prepared for some extra dust too. I don't know where you live, but we had ours in a semi-heated back sunroom in the March/April timeframe in North Carolina, and things got pretty dusty before they were ready to go outside.
  6. 1USAVET
    p.s. What are you going to put them in when they get too big for the booder? They get big pretty quick! ;-)
  7. 1USAVET
    Yes...also Loews has clip on lights and bulbs made for brooding. You want to have it shining in one area so they can huddle under it but so they can move away if they get too hot. Of course you want to put mulch bedding in for the chicks. Food and water containers are hard to keep the bedding out of so if you can hang them from the wire it might be a good idea. You can also set them on a brick to raise them up to help keep it cleaner longer. Good luck!
  8. gmickey2001
    Thanks! I'll look for that.
  9. carolsparkle
    Wow!! that looks rally cool!! WalMart sells a brooder light that clips on. attach a board like a handle that can be used to hold the light over the screened area.

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