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  1. Belinda Swim
    We added a Roo and a hen to our flock of 6 hen's yesterday. They all seem to be adjusting well. They are Rhode Island Reds. They were born in April. I wish we would have known more about what we were doing when we started our flock on 11/26/12. I don't think the hen's that we had bought were well cared for as I have noticed a difference in them since I have started caring for them. The 2 that we bought yesterday were very well cared for. We went only to get a Roo but once we looked at his flock and saw how beautiful and healthy they were we just had to talk him into selling us a hen. The man that sold us our first chickens had told us they were all fairly new chicken's but I think only 2 of them are. It's all a learning experince. I love my flock each one of them has different personalties and they make me smile repeatedly thew out the day :)
  2. Dee Dee 2
    I have lost 5 of my chickens from my flock, to stray dogs I think. Now my flock seems so small, 6 hens one roo left. This is sufficient for eggs for my personal use with some left to sell or give to neighbors who really need and would appreciate them. HOWEVER we all know how addicting this chicken business can be. So, I would like to add to my flock. I have been told the roo and hens will kill baby chicks I bring in. How do you integrate new babies to a flock.
  3. artsy1
    I have had wierd eggs the past few days. They are kinda having a wrinkled looking texture and 3 outta the 4 were cracked? any ideas?
  4. Janetnz
    Finally my chickens are free ranging for a few hours a day.Got to be supervised as a hawk flies over most of the time.My chickens love chasing the dogs.Was so pricless watching all my hard work has worked out
  5. Janetnz
    Im very new to this website and new to chickens.I live in New Zealand,and have just got 3 Hampshire reds.They are just starting to lay.I was getting one egg a day till 2 days ago_One of my chickens is having her egg in the morning.I have another chicken just started laying 2 days ago.Last night my chicken that lays in the afternoon was acting weird.Just perching and didnt look happy.She was in and out of her nest for a hour and a half.hence no egg.This morning I go to see them and find a egg (shell broken but in tact)then just a intact yolk sitting next to it.She had layed where she poos.This morning she is good as gold.Eating,talking running around in her run.I wondered why did this happen.My chickens come from a farm that is covered and have never been outside,now they have a run and I can finally pat them.Please help me,I am a bit worried here.
  6. eggocentric
    I didn't know I would get this much entertainment out of a couple of chickens. They have personalities and each is unique. Now if I can just break their desire to brood, we'll all be happy.
  7. chickengirl99
    i need to know which breeds are the most... not flighty. we want egg layers. any ideas???
  8. 11049KATE
  9. lamelde
    I've had broody hens before - I just coaxed her out of the nest (actually scooted her butt out with my hands) to the water & feed - she readily ate & drank (the eggs are just fine for that short period of time). This was she will also due her "duty" outside the nest & away from the hatching eggs - poo on the eggs reduces their chance for successful hatching.
  10. ChickenHobby
    Though I've not had a broody hen yet, one of my 4-H members have. We put water and food right next to the broody hen. That way the hen can eat and drink without having to leave the nest. The hen(s) survived and hatched out most of her eggs.

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