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By redpennies15 · Apr 18, 2014 · Updated Apr 27, 2016 ·
  1. redpennies15
    Items can be combined to achieve desired value.
    Open to Side Swaps.
    Last updated 5/4/18

    Items Available To Swap

    Victoria Fashion Magazines 1980's-1990's

    Swaps I Owe

    Swaps Owed To Me

    Side Swaps

    Items Wanted
    Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel books or supplies
    Books on Laying Tile Floors
    Outdoor Magazines or Agriculture Books/Magazines
    Advise on gardening in shaded areas (We have so many trees!)
    VHS Movies
    Pet guinea pig supplies
    Anything edible
    Plant cuttings, bulbs, or roots
    Wooden or metal trivets
    Homemade lotions / salves
    A few Soap molds
    ...eventually I want to try making my own soap!

    Swaps Completed
    1) Mailed 4/25/14 Decorative Floral Bowl, New What Ya Got Swap owed to emvickrey, claimed 4/24/14, paid postage online, USPS Priority Mail tracking #9405 5036 9930 0283 3034 46 Post #1620 (Delivered 4/28/14)
    2) Received 5/5/14 - I claimed 4/20/14 saintly salve from Flowers of Abba New What Ya Got Swap Post #1611
    3) Received 5/5/14 - I claimed on 4/26/14 mint (choc) plant cuttings from Amyable New What Ya Got Swap Post #1630
    4) Side Swap - Mailed Monday 5/5/14 Blue Square Candy Jar to cindywolkens 72 Tracking #9114901123086848288232 USPS Standard Post (Delivered 5/9/14) - in exchange for 2 qts of her delicious homemade applesauce (Received 5/8/14)
    5) Mailed 5/5/14 Tracking #9114901123086848288256 - Claimed on 5/3/14 - 15 Red Spider Lilly Bulbs to sonew123 New What Ya Got Swap Post #1634 (Delivered 5/10/14)
    6) Mailed 5/22/14 Scalloped quiche bowl and hummingbird window ornaments owed to Flowers of Abba, claimed 5/21/14, USPS Standard Post Tracking #9114901123086848258013, New What Ya Got Swap Post #1745 (Delivered 5/27/14)
    7) Mailed 5/29/14 15 yellow Hawera Daffodil flower bulbs owed to Amyable New What Ya Got Swap Post #1769 USPS Standard Post Tracking #9114901159815912472247 (Delivered 6/2/14)
    8) Received 6/2/14 - I claimed 5/28/14 - 8 oz strawberry/rhubarb freezer jam, crocheted butterflies, and fudge from Wasson6Pack, New What Ya Got Swap Post #1762
    9) Mailed 7 feed/bedding/Tractor Supply coupons to caj1985 New What Ya Got Swap #1778
    10) Received - One pound plain caramels from kiwijean83 New What Ya Got Swap Post #1743 - I claimed 5/15/14
    11) Side Swap - Mailed 5/22/14 Fifteen red spiderlilly bulbs (claimed on 5/21/14) to kiwijean83 USPS Standard Post Tracking #9114901123086848257009 (Delivered 5/27/14) in exchange for 2 of her lotion bars (Country Meadow and Hot Coco scents) (received)
    12) Received - cindywolkens 72 Pumpkin Pie flavored applesauce New What Ya Got Swap post #1914
    13) Mailed 9/4/14 Blue Bottles to Wasson6Pack New What Ya Got Swap Post #1915 Claimed 8/28/14 Tracking #9405 5036 9930 0369 2892 13 (Delivered 9/8/14)
    14) Mailed 10/14/14 Orange Daylilly bulbs New What Ya Got Swap to Ray_n_Debi USPS Priotiy Mail Tracking Number 9405903699300270562380 (Delivered 10/17/14)
    15) Delivered 1/8/15 Chillow Pillow to emvickery What Ya Got Swap page Post # 2017, Claimed on 12/31/14 Tracking Number 9405 9036 9930 0333 5871 21
    16) Received 1/9/15 Two mixes in a jar (banana nut bread & snickerdoodle) from Wasson6Pack What Ya Got Swap Post #2014-2016 Claimed on 12/28/14 Tracking Number 9405 9036 9930 0334 1762 94
    17) Mailed 8/5/14 Gifts items for daughter's birthday (Piggy bank, photo frames, eraser collection, etc) USPS Priority Mail 8/5/14 Tracking #9405903699300231679744 (delivered 8/11/14) to chicken-n-worms
    18) Received 2/15/16 Three Magazines and TY Beanie Baby from donrae New What Ya Got Swap Post #2765 claimed on 2/10/16
    19) Ordered online $15 Lowes Gift Card to New What Ya Got Swap Post #2788 Ray_n_Debi. Received 4/3/16.

    Incomplete Swaps (Burned)
    1) 5 lbs earthworm castings from chicken-n-worms. Claimed on 7/25/14 I Have What You Want, You Have What I Want, Let's Swap! page Post #100 - NEVER RECEIVED
    2) Laminated bookmark art by Koeyohte What Ya Got Swap page Post #1933 Claimed on 9/18/14 - NEVER RECEIVED

    My BYC notes & references;
    1) List of Hatcheries: Murray McMurray, Ideal Hatchery (in Texas). Privett Hatchery (in New Mexico), Mount Healthy Hatchery (in Ohio) - adapted from TwoCrows post

    2) For those new to swapping go to: - article by PennyHen with instructions on how to create your own swap page!
    How to create a member page:

    3) Emergency dog attack treatments:
    I would (if possible) give her calming herbs like lavender, bee balm, thyme, basil etc. These will help relax and soothe her. I would put unpasteurized, organic apple cider vinegar in her water to boost her immunity. I would also put garlic in her food to make sure she doesn't catch a cold. And, I would put coconut oil and/or Vaseline on her wounds." -Mountain Peeps

    Emergency laceration / muscle exposed treatment (animal attack):

    Medical treatment of exposed meat w/ skin & fat missing due to animal attack:

    4) To stop older chicks from spilling so much feed in one of those feeders that has the little feeding holes around the bottom and a jar on top - put a cheap aluminum pie pan underneath to catch any feed they scratch out, elevate feeder, use a tiny feed trough (can make from scrap lumber and wire), or cut holes in a 5 gallon bucket so that only one chick can fit it's head into the feeder (good for water also...can hang it up by the handle).

    5) Broody Hen Notes:
    Q: We had a rooster who died 7 days ago. Is she still fertile?
    A: A hen will stay fertile for up to 4 weeks after just one in counter with a male. -
    Q: Since it is warmer here in California. Should be 88-90 degrees. She is in her nesting box will it get to hot? How many eggs should I let her sit on?
    A: She will regulate to the temp she needs. So now worries there. She is a LF soooo 8 eggs is ideal. One or two more would be ok as long as she can cover them. As for suggestions. Make sure she is were you want her to hatch the eggs. If not move her only at night to another location. Candle eggs on day 10 and 15 and remove any clear or bad eggs. Other than that. Have food and water for her at all times. She will tend to them for about 6-9 weeks before she will let them go and run them out from under her.
    Q: I don't know how to candle light ?
    A: Candling is easy [​IMG] just use a empty toilet paper roll and a HID or some high powered flashlight. Flash the light through the roll with the egg on top of it. Then you'll see blood vessels and possibly chick movement.
    Q: We have 10 other hens, will I need to mover her?
    A: If she is nesting with these other hens then yes I would move her. At night move her to a dog crate or another secure area. With all her essentials food, water, nesting matieral, and of course her egg or eggs.
    (Paraphased conversation between TiaRC and Angie16hearts)

    6) Hilarious silkie riot:

    7) What to Feed / Not to Feed to your chickens (by Buff Hooligans and BYC Project Manager)

    8) Plants Toxic to Chickens (listed by scientific name)

    9) Egg shell and egg yolk quality problems (with photo illustrations)

    10) Water for Chickens in Winter
    by MountainPeeps

    11) Egg Color Chart by Breed

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