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By Buck Oakes · Dec 12, 2014 · Updated Dec 13, 2014 ·
  1. Buck Oakes
    Put all your forms on here [​IMG]

    Screenname: Buck Oakes Name-Nike Gold
    Gender- Girl
    Species: Angel, nature fey hybrid
    Age- 17
    Skills/Powers- control of light and the four elements, can hide her wings by absorbing them into her body but it hurts her really bad every time to where she can't move for a while. can talk to animals
    (Person/human) Description- Nike has long dark black hair that falls to her lower back. Nike has sky blue eyes with gold rings around her pupils. Nike has full red lips, broad eyelashes and great complexion so no need for makeup. She has a golden tan skin tone due to her greek heritage. She is tall standing at 5'10. She has large grey/blue angel wings with little spikes on the top. Each wing is 9 ft so that makes a 18 foot wingspan. So she's a good flyer. Nike is resourceful and clever. Nike is not like most girls she loves mud, and being out in the rain for no reason. She respects all nature and thinks everything has a life for a reason. She's kinda like a hippie but not like an extreme commune hippie. She just loves nature. Nike usually wears an off the shoulder long sleeve white blouse with two slits cut in the back of it for her wings with short jean shorts and an emerald pendulum, She can't touch iron, it burns her
    *Partner/Spouse/Crush- looking for someone
    *History- from a small town in Louisiana located in the bayou
    *Other- no other






    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name:Zachary Zamora Zurich Gender:male Species:vampire Age:17(but really like 300) Powers:can cause pain to the point of where you can't talk and all animals naturally feel safe around him Description:black,shortish hair that flows with him,brown eyes when in his more human look,blood red when angered,pale of course,and kinda tall like 6'2'' Partner/Spouse/Crush:none History:he's killed a lot of people for he truly hates them and refuses to drink blood from an animal for he loves as they do with him oh and he loves the rain and you will most likely find him lurking in a rainy/foggy forest Picture: [​IMG] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ScreenName- Dragapacacorn Name- Caslyn Arias Gender- Female Species- Other (Xana- Exquisite female water nymphs with hypnotic voices) Age- 18 Skills/Powers- When she chooses, she can make her voice entrancing, can capture people's full attention, and can sometimes persuade them to do crazy things against their will. Description and Personality- Mostly uses her powers for her own gain, but is rather cheerful in an slightly arrogant way. Is an extrovert and loves making 'friends'. Partner/Spouse/Crush- N/A History- Nothing to tell, pretty much grew up here. Other- N/A Picture- [​IMG] [​IMG] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Screenname: MsPoultry Name:Arren Air Gender:male Species:plant elf Age:16 Skills/Powers:is extremely swift and fast and can talk to plants and is unbelievable with a bow and some arrows Partner/Crush/Spouse:none History:has a very complex personality and is quite confusing and mysterious and never leaves the forest Picture: [​IMG]

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