Ginger red Oegb

By Wanex · Aug 31, 2014 · ·
  1. Wanex
    His name is Chaparro, he is a ginger red oegb, he is two years old and he is a very tamed bird. This is my favorite bird of all, i have him, a BBR bantam game hen whos name is Ginna wich is more yellow than brown, i also have 6 chicks who are offspring of Chaparro and Ginna, and at last but not least i have two Buff orpington pullets. Chaparro always wakes up crowing and then his two little sons follow him doing the same thing. He loves Lettuce and meal worms, and he likes it when I take pictures of him. He is no very active, instead he likes to stay on the coop or take care of the hens and chicks even though he is too small. [​IMG]

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  1. Wanex
    Thanks people, and yes he is sweet and handsome, in a cute way.
  2. arkansas55
    such a handsome fellow!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. lightchick
    Aww he looks so sweet!

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