Ginger The Greatest Rooster

By ChickadeeRanch · Oct 3, 2012 · Updated Nov 4, 2012 · ·
  1. ChickadeeRanch
    Ginger was a Rhode Island Red rooster [​IMG]
    when we brought him home he fell asleep in my lap. The only way we could tell him apart from the other Rhode Island Reds is that he was lighter and much much louder. We always thought he was a just a drama queen but as he grew older we realized he was a Rooster[​IMG]
    One time when he was all fuzz he jumped out of his box and right into my icecream that was sitting on a shelf just above there temporary home he found this very exciting and chirped even louder [​IMG][​IMG] (which was deafening regardless of his mood)

    Ginger was also famous for his hairy eyeball as pictured below (One of him about 2 weeks old and another of him 2 years old)[​IMG]

    [​IMG]and his magic tricks - at parties he would not only be the center of attention by being passed around and just generally be charming (as all Roosters should be) he would also tolerate being set on his back on a flat surface with a jacket set atop him - it looked so funny with just his tail feathers and legs sticking out - it was a crowd pleaser!( but if her heard a door opening he would get up right away because he thought I was leaving [​IMG] ) he also crashed our birthday party and did chicken poo bingo...also very entertaining but it took awhile...

    Also whenever I had a snack for them I would bolt to a certain spot and Ginger would run as fast as he could towards me squawking as he did. Then when I got there he did not like eating things that had rolled on the ground so I hand fed him but often times his hens would steal it from his beak.

    Ginger was also always on the move one time he started dust bathing i watched him for about 5 minutes before he realized that his hens had left because he was hogging the dust bath area - he bolted out of there right away



    one time i came into the kitchen and there was ginger and hs flock so in attempt to get them out i started herded them out the door they came but apparently they found the floor quite slippery so now i'm stuck with crazed hens running ramped all over the house and Ginger is in the middle of it all making as much noise as he possibly could

    Ginger was sick for a couple weeks and eventually passed away of a heart attack last saturday at the age of 3[​IMG]it was the saddest thing - he was such a close friend

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  1. ChickadeeRanch
    It's hard to lose a chicken to disease, after much suffering but i could only imagine how much harder it would be to lose one out of the blue
    I am so sorry
  2. lillydaisy
    RIP I so sorry my Pekin Bantam chick drowned I cried for about1 1/2 hours she was about 2-3 weeks old:(

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  3. lillydaisy
    RIP I so sorry my Pekin Bantam chick drowned I cried for about1 1/2 hours she was about 2-3 weeks old:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
  4. ChickadeeRanch
    Thanks...Some people just don't get it, they say
    Your best friend is a Chicken?! With such a tone that just says It's just a chickens!...But it's's a rooster (lol jk) it is truly your bff
  5. roostersandhens
    oh i am sooooo sorry you lost your rooster. you must have been crying for days :( if i lost my rooster i would be soooooooo sad i would be crying for weeks my roo is also my BFF i am sorry you lost your rooste you must be hart broken.
  6. ChickadeeRanch
    Thank you guys...But there has been another tragedy at the coop
    My favorite hen Ava died.
    Why do my favorites keep dieing?! I'm fed up! ;(
  7. ChickadeeRanch
    Well it's hard to say it might of been a seizure
  8. lclough1998
    So sorry for your loss, he had a great life and you had a great rooster! How do you know when a chicken has a heart attack? So glad he died in your arms, so sad tho!
  9. Marty1876
    I loved the story of Ginger. You had great pics too. Thanks for sharing his life with us.
  10. sophiesmith
    Oh, He was such a cute rooster
  11. PuffyChick
    Awww he' so sweet looking. I love his wattles.
    My "Production Red" is looking more and more like a boy. I hope not because I am, sadly, one of those ones that can't have a rooster. We are semi flying under the radar with our smll flock and I will just be heart broken if Penny turns out to be Benny. LOL I'll still keep her as long as I possibly can tho. If she ..IS a he ...He would be a super super sweet roo too.
  12. ChickadeeRanch
    kellysmall87 - he was indeed very intelligent man! And handsome! He was tough with a side of softness that made you melt.
    farm girl - I know how you feel it seems that the pet that you love most also becomes ill.
    clucky3255 - I think that is the picture that got POW! Lovely fellow he was, magnificant really
  13. clucky3255
    I like his head on picture the best!
  14. farm girl
  15. farm girl
    that was the prittest rooster ever! I had the same thing happen to. I had a duck her name was france i loved her so much she followed me all around i loved her soooooooooo much but she passed with a harible story that i will never foget.
  16. kellysmall87
    Also... so much character in his eyes! He looked a very intelligent little man.
  17. kellysmall87
    What a stunner he was! Such a handsome little chap. Sorry you lost him, I know how hard it is to lose a beloved chicken - especially ones you have had from chicks or hatched yourself. The legend of ginger will live on :)
  18. ChickadeeRanch
    I edited the article and added another thing about him :)
  19. ChickadeeRanch
    Bayside chicks the last time they saw him he was alive - but they knew he was about to meet his end, each day a different hen would stand by his side and comfort him, stay with him all day long.
    Scooter&Suzie and Peepsicle I agree that law is stupid I mean why don't they just allow you to check it over with the people around you? luckily we were never effected by any such laws because of our rural location
    CinnamonQueen - so sad, you should write about him. Even tho you know every creature even humans have to die it still seems so sad to see that creature just die especially after you put some much care and effort into keeping happy and healthy. RIP Dusty
  20. elsasmom
    RIP Ginger. 3 happy years is soooo much better than the life commercial birds get and even some farm birds. He's bragging you up to the other birds in chicken heaven
  21. CinnamonQueen
    Aww.. he was so CUTE as a chick! Reminds me of the barred rock rooster Dusty that we gave to a friend after we figured out he was a rooster. When we visited him he was still the handsomest and sweetest rooster ever! (although he didn't ever jump in ice cream) just lost him to a predator. :(
    RIP Ginger
  22. HouseCat
    There was a young boy on a talkshow a few weeks ago that had a near-death experience and he said that there are animals in the afterlife just like on earth. I believe that every animal with a beating heart has a spirit that lives on after the body dies. Just know over one of your shoulders, there is a big, red, feathery Guardian Angel.
  23. Peepsicle
    I know! And how some towns don't allow Roosters! It's insane!
    And about one of his brothers ( we had to give him away ) He is living/lived a great life - he was/is a show chicken!
    he really did get a good life but he deserves to be alive and healthy!
    Thank you for your kind thoughts and Happy Thanksgiving!
    That law makes me sooooo mad!!!!! I have to give my rooster, Speckles, to a friend when he starts crowing (he's actually a cockerel right now) due to that stupid law!!!!! I'm really sad about Ginger. R.I.P. Ginger.
  24. RangingChicks
    RIP Ginger you will be missed
  25. Scooter&Suzie
    Oh, he sounds so sweet! He reminds my of my Rhode Island rooster I used to have... I had to give him away because of the neighbors. It broke my heart :'(
  26. sezjasper
    Thank you for sharing Ginger's story with us, he was a beautiful boy and I'm so sorry for your loss!
  27. Bayside Chicks
    God Rest Ginger... how are the girls taking it?
  28. Y N dottes
    Oh, thats sooo sad....he was such a cute chick:(
  29. ChickadeeRanch
    Wow! thank you for your support! He was wonderful! I'm so proud that my article made it to the front page! I'm sorry that it does not really make sense - i wrote it the day after he passed so I kinda just typed it out, not a care in the world for sense because if the world made sense Ginger would still be alive. I am so sad because everyday that passes I forget more and more about him ;( anyway gtg a random, tame black cat just showed up at our door.
  30. Roosterlover5
    He was really beautiful,and its great when you get a nice rooster. Im really sorry.
  31. Dudu
    What a beautiful boy he was, and he had a fantastic life with you. Each of our chickies have their destinies, apparently Ginger too was needed elsewhere. Sending you virtual hugs, I know how it feels. What a great tribute to a beautiful and smart Friend!
  32. Chickenfan4life
    I am so sorry for your loss! Ginger sounded like the perfect rooster. He is also a lot like my boy, Brewster. I am sorry for you loss. :'(
  33. garlicson
    In my country, we say: "You had the privilege to have walked part of the way together with him!" BTW Congratulations!!
  34. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process.
  35. ChickadeeRanch
    Yes indeed. People would tell me I was crazy when I cried too - they just don't get it they think it's just a chicken, a farm animal but it's like losing a dog say, to put it into perspective. We are lucky because we have no neighbors so Ginger was 101% allowed to be our perfect Rooster and my oh my was he ever.
    Ginger did not die with his hens by his side, he died instead in my arms ;( It's as if he was waiting for me so he could bid farewell. I dearly miss him, he deserves to be alive happy and healthy
  36. Attila the Hen
    I read your delightful story of Ginger and laughed and cried at the same time. My beloved rooster passed this week while I was on vacation. It is sad. Someone asked me today if I cried and when I said yes I knew she thought I was crazy. I don't think I can get another rooster because my sometimes neighbor complained about him. Like Ginger my rooster had a very short but far better life than 99% of the roosters in the world. So sorry about Ginger. What a character.
  37. Whittni
    RIP Ginger, may you be happy forever!
  38. ChickadeeRanch
    I know! And how some towns don't allow Roosters! It's insane!
    And about one of his brothers ( we had to give him away ) He is living/lived a great life - he was/is a show chicken!
    Ginger really did get a good life but he deserves to be alive and healthy!
    Thank you for your kind thoughts and Happy Thanksgiving!
  39. ChickadeeRanch
    I know! And how some towns don't allow Roosters! It's insane!
    And about one of his brothers ( we had to give him away ) He is living/lived a great life - he was/is a show chicken!
    he really did get a good life but he deserves to be alive and healthy!
    Thank you for your kind thoughts and Happy Thanksgiving!
  40. HouseCat
    Wow he had really pretty eyes didn't he. It almost makes me feel sorry for all those flock owners who have hens but refuse to get a rooster for whatever reason. They really have no idea how special a good rooster can be. Although it's always sad when you lose a friend, find comfort in the fact that you got to share part of your life with such a special animal as I'm sure he knew he was lucky to have you for as his chicken guardian. 99.9% of his brothers never make it out of the hatfhery alive and you gave him 3 years of the sun on his back and the wind in his feathers.
  41. ChickadeeRanch
  42. ChickadeeRanch
    Thank you it is so sad to lose your Rooster - people have a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that your chicken(s) is/was your best friend
  43. Chicken Tamer
    I am so sorry!!! This stuff is bringing me down tonight.
  44. Brookliner
    I have lost 2 of my roos, Elton and Amazed Rooster were brothers. So sad.
  45. Chicken Tamer
    u mean he was still alive right??? Well I am so sorry. I have hatched baby chicks before and every time I have hatched them they just never made it ;.{ well I just have to deal with it. Sorry about your loss again!!!
  46. ChickadeeRanch
    He was the best! I wish i was still alive :[
  47. Chicken Tamer
    I am soooo sorry!!! He sounded like he was a great rooster. RIP Ginger.

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