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    I live on 8 acres in the middle of 27,000 acres in the middle of Mississippi. I have dogs, cats, guineas and chickens. Yes I talk to my chickens, call them my babies and tell them how pretty they are. Right now I have 6 guineas, 10 black Austrolorps, two mixed bantams (with 8 biddies). I grew up around chickens, find them pretty awesome. Even had them as pets. I had one Barred Rock Hen named Henrietta that would ride around on my shoulder. I told people she was a parrot and she learned to cluck when I said ARG.
    I am disabled and use an electric scooter to get around. When I come around the house, I beep the little horn. My chickens come running. The bantam rooster jumps on the arm of the scooter and rides along with me. I would upload pictures, but I use an IPad to get online and some sites aren't set up to upload from mobile devices.

    I love my chickie babies.

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