>>to mate: let's have some laying hens.
Mate>>okay, I'll build a coop. Hmm, what about the 30 below zero and lower and when the sun never shines? What do hens do for that?
>>to mate: BYC plus Chickens for Dummies will make all things clear. (Done)

The finished coop inside has a folding down double level roost and five nest boxes for thirteen chickens, if nobody is a rooster. Everything can be moved out or lowered down. The coop is 8 x 10, made of 2 x 6" boards which changes it into 7 x 9, fully insulated with vapor barrier, plywood walls double painted with exterior latex paint. It has a 400 watt convection heater mounted on the wall ( Eco Heater brand) and a 250 watt infrared bulb in a metal cage. The insulated floor is made the same way as the walls, covered with painted plywood, vinyl flooring, rubber base cove. It has three windows, double paned with crank out ability and screens. High on the end walls are a couple of screened attic vents which can be blocked or partially blocked by varying the size of blue foam insulation cut into various lengths. The roof has a 45 degree pitch covered with green galvanized steel panels to shed snow easily.
Now, don't call them curtains on those windows; they are artificial night shades for the 22 hour days.
now to understand photo posting - the video did not make it clear to me, but where there's a will, there's, uh..a deficit of brain power. The browse and insert image tool doesn't work with my computer. Doggone it. So much for my blog photos. I'll get a glue stick and paste them here - oh, that is an outmoded technology.