Gingers Story! (and friends)

  1. roostersandhens
    Ginger was a stray abandoned on the street side. She was with 5 other hens. My friends called one day to tell me there were 6 chickens on the side of the street. So I grabbed a crate and rushed over. There they were 6 abandoned hens, they had scaley leg mites too. I caught 3 of them. 2 Rhode Island Reds and 1 Buff Orpington. I named 1 RIR Ruthie and one Snuggie. I named the BO Luna. I brought them home. Later that day, after I took care of the 1st 3 I went back for the others. As you may know or assume it is not easy to catch abandoned chickens. After I caught the others, I had 1 EE 1 BO and 1 Barred Rock. The EE was named Ginger, the BO was named Sunshine, and the Barred Rock was named Doodle.
    Today Ginger is a very good looking gal!

    Doodle had gotten sick a few months after the rescue and she passed away while I was in tears. Snuggie had this thing where all her egg yolks were going to her abdomen. Luna got cancer and died at the vet while being treated. Today the only ones left are Ginger, Sunshine, and Ruthie. They are just waiting to see where the road will take them. (hopefully not to the vet)

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  1. bantambury
    Wow! I love them!!! I hope I can save chickens sometime!!!!

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