My name is Amanda. Im from Pennsylvannia. I can never get that spelled right. Lol
I just started raising chickens. I got my first 12 at Easter from a feed store. I went back to get some food for them 2 weeks later and they had more. They had Bantams and they were just so adorable I couldnt just get 6. I got 8 and a couple Reds. My bantams names are Brownie, Sunshine, Snowball, Grannie, Penguin, Midnight and Sandy. I cant think of a name for my last one. I absolutley love chickens now. Whenever Im having a rough day I can just go sit with them for a little while and they make my day all better.
I have 4 cats. Kittie, Izzie, Coco, and another Izzie. We took 2 cats in and they were already named so Izzie and Izzie both look when they hear their name. My cat Kittie is my little baby. Shes always so loving and kind. I am definatly an animal person.
When I was younger, we went to Sea World when they still had it opened in Ohio. We were at a whale show when a trainer came up to my sister and asked her if she wanted to sit on Shamu's back. She was too afraid to do but Im always up for something new. I was so excited and jumping up and down in my seat that the trainer took me instead of my sister. Ever since then, its been love for any kind of animal.