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By glenstorm · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. glenstorm
    Started out in 2010 with 6 baby chicks; 2 Cuckoo Marrans, 2 Blue Andalusian, and 2 Mottled Javas. One of the Andalusians died as a chick, not sure why. Turns out one of the Mottled Javas was a Rooster of another breed, possibly an Australorp. In the middle of the summer I took in a refugee Australorp from my sister who lost the rest of her flock to the neighbor's dog. Then in the fall I lost my rooster and a Maran to a fox.
    If you've lost count that leaves me with a Blue Andalusian, an Australorp, a Cuckoo Maran, and a Mottled Java.
    Over the course of the year I have decided to focus on the Mottled Java's and am preparing to hatch 6 MJ eggs in June.

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