This spring I took Gloria my son's farm and had her breed. I did this for two weekends in a row and collected 6 eggs. I also collected two turkin eggs from Meyer. I then had to get an incubator for hatching. Gloria would not brood. Darn.
I was very pleased that on April 16th and 17th we had five hatch from Gloria's eggs and two hatch from Meyer's. Sad to say we lost one of Gloria's and one of Meyer's. The others flourished. Four White Crested Black Polish and one Reddish Brown Turkin. I never would have believed I would be able to hatch and raise chickens.
We were hoping for hens. Well by golly I do believe the turkin is a hen and the four others are now practicing crowing. Yep all roosters! They all have homes, just not at my son's. There have been many visitors to his farm and are very interested in having a rooster like Rocky. He always greets people when they come in the drive and he tries to hitch a ride on their shoulder. He is really a people person.