Hello, I have goats and chickens that live together happy and healthy I’ve never had any issues this far. Here is how I mange
They both need there own house, but can share a pasture easily.
- The chickens need there food inside the henhouse, I recommend a walk in coop or one with a half door for the food. This is so you don’t have to take your coop apart every time they need more food. If you have a hen house already that is hard to get in and out, you could probably install some type of PVC thing to get food in there easier (I would use Pinterest to find something like that!). The chicken door should be small enough the goats can not get in because the goats will break in and eat the chicken food, that can lead to bloat and if severe enough that could lead to death.
-The goats need a house that is large enough for them and a little wiggle room. The can be feed even when the chicken are out because the goats don’t have an issue with chickens stealing their food. I recommend some type of hay feeder, to reduce waste. Also don’t have a place to perch over it because goat will not eat dirty hay. You can make hay feeder out of a feed bag, by cutting a hole in it. I personally use a hay net, BUT kids have been hung in hay nets, so either hang it high enough so they can barley reach or have it not hanging and just on the ground.
Most illness are not transferred between animals. I’m not much of an expert on this topic. But chickens can transfer salmonella to goats. But if everything is clean. You reduce the risk farther if they don’t share water and if you are not milking if you have a doe.
The chickens and goats won’t be friends most likely it’s more so they do exist. They won’t fight or anything of that sort. People say be careful of foot injury’s with chickens being stepped on, but chickens are fast. I personally have a chicken with a foot issue (not related to goats, she had it before the goats) she still had not issues with goats stepping on her or anything.
Pros and Cons

All animals staying together
Less area in your yard taken up
Less pastures to keep clean
Small chance of Illness
Goats can try to eat goat food

I love having them together!