Golden Crown Chicken Breed

By Symphony · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Symphony
    The Golden Crown is currently a cross breed. Once I get the money, knowledge, and poultry on hand, I will surely make it a breed. They are sweet if handeled from youth. They are shy with strangers. They lay when molting (if it's not a hard molt) and are hardy in the cold and heat. They vary from, single comb to rose comb, which I will try to make it only rose comb. They come in a white phase and dark phase, both being extraordinarily beautiful.

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  1. Symphony
    Write your comments please! :D
  2. lindamiller
    Just got three baby chicks Golden Crown...They are so cute...trying to handle them and play with them allot...Also got Americanas ...three want so blue or green eggs...My big girls...10 of them are all very friendly and listen very well when I let them out in the afternoons ... Hope babies take their lead and they all get along as soon as babies are big enough to mix them...Let them adjust by putting babies in little run while my big girls are out...They all seem interested in each other ...but don't seem aggressive toward each other at all...

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