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Got My First Chickens

By 1maria100 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. 1maria100
    This is my very first time having chickens! About a week and a half ago we got 4 day old chicks. Two rhode island reds, and two barred rock. They were supposed to be all pullets but one of the barred rocks is showing some clear signs of being a male. Luckily our town allows them. They are all doing very well, and look very healthy! They already have many of the feathers on their wings grown in, the females have their tail feathers starting to grow in, and the male already has a small comb coming in. They grow so amazingly fast! We don't have a coop built yet, but we have plans to build a very nice one in June. They are going to be used as mostly egg producing chickens, but we may hatch some of the fertile eggs. I'm very excited about having chickens for the first time, its a great experience!

    Mommy of 4 chickens, 4 fish, a snail, parakeet, and a dog.

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