I got some chicks now after 2 years of thinking about getting some. We picked up some black Austrialorps 4 hens 1 rooster 1 hen of buff orprington ( yellowish color) named sunshine and 2 guinies. I have 2 girls and we love going out and feed and watering the chickens. I bought them about 4 to 5 weeks old so I dont have to worry about heat lamp and them dyeing on me to quick. My older one likes to hand feed the chickens and pick them up to pet them. She also likes to put them on her arm so they can fly off of her arm. My littke one says WWWOOOO every time. It is Hot outside to day and the chickens were drinking all the water before I got home from work. So today I built an automatic water system for them. If you want to know how to build it. Its easy!! Just get a 5 gal bucket with a tight lid. Like at home depot or lows. (If you want to buy one) or walmart or homeland somewere that has a bakery if you want a free one just ask someone that works in the bakery. Is the Icing for the cakes that the buckets are used for there. Anyway you need a 5 gal bucket or smaller one and water base that you can put on the bottom of a pot for your plants fo the water wont go over. Just make about 3 to 4 holes at the bottom of the bucket with a drill and bit. (not to big) and make sure the holes are not taller than the water base. Put water in the bucket with the base on bottom put a tight lid on it and BAM you have water for a week. This will save you alot of $$$$ and for a feeder samething just make bigger holes and about 3 inches apart. Going to check on the chickens now have a great day!! and stay cool!!