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By GraciesFlock · May 8, 2015 ·
  1. GraciesFlock
    I've been thinking about getting chickens for about 2 years now. After going on our local "coop tour" and getting lots of advice and encouragement, I jumped off the fence. Tuesday I brought home 5 baby chicks who are now 5 days old. I have a Buff Orphington, a Rhode Island Red , an Ameracaunas, a Brown Leghorn and a Black Giant. I figured that would give me a good start and help me figure out if this chicken thing is for me.

    My 1 year old lab is so mesmerized by them she hasn't hardly taken her eyes off them since they arrived. They are so cute and entertaining. We live in coastal NC and our temps are mild so I'm going to try to put them outside in the coop over the weekend with the heat lamp and see how we do. Definitely ready for them to be outside.

    Love seeing all the great ideas and experiences you have all had. I've learned a lot and am sure I'll be monitoring this site closely as I try to learn all about backyard chickens.
    Lisa & Gracie.

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