My grandkids call me Granny Buck Buck...not because I have a lot of Bucks (money)..but because I have chickens and we all talk to the chickens and say "Buck Buck" when we feed them or pick them up.
I have one Turkey "Fyola" (Red Bourbon Heritage female) she was born in March 2011 and is now laying eggs. I've received 6 eggs so far. They are a little smaller than chicken eggs (so far) but very delicious!
My hen "Honey" is a 3 year old Golden Sex Link who just recently quit laying eggs. It could well be her age.
I also have one silkie named "Elvie" that I think may be a male. Luckily, she/he is not very noisy..so I don't think the neighbors will be concerned about noise. The Silkie is the same age as the turkey...so I'm still keeping an eye out for eggs...just in case.
My dog Tony (Lab/Hound) mix gets along fine with the chickens and the turkey. Although sometimes the turkey wants to start something with him by pecking his toes. Hopefully she will just give it up and all will be well.
My cats "Monkey and Mickey" also enjoy the hens...no problem. I think when you raise pets together..they just work out the "pecking order" by themselves.
I've joined this forum because I sometimes have questions and like to share photo's about my pets. So Thanks for letting me share.
Granny Buck Buck