Hi, I'm Emily. I have 4 chickens who we got as baby chicks in April 2011.
Parsley (Black Star)

Sage (Buff Orpington)

Rosemary (Easter Egger)

& Thyme (Silver Lace Wyandotte)

As of November 5th, all 4 of my girls are laying.
My other hobbies include sewing and gardening.
I make re-usable mesh produce bags (for buying your veggies at the store, or storing your veggies from the garden),

and travel sewing or knitting organizers,

and quilts and wall hangings.

You can see more of them on my etsy shop.
You can read more about my chickens, my sewing, and gardening adventures on my blog, www.greensandjeans.com. Thanks for finding out a bit more about me.