Nathan's Coop and Birds
So after some time at working on a Educational Farm my son asked of we could get chickens at home. Well I loved seeing them and how they play, so I said yes. This was our first coop it was a small one with two halfs and I was running or trying to run it that way.

In the flock we had

Whitey and his hen

Rha and the twins

And DeeDee

DeeDee was a Old Englash that we took in from a shulter. She was a great hen loved to be held and was a great mom too.
Well after a some time I was moving and going to need to take the birds and coop with me so we got a few people together and we just moved it. The move was easy the delivery was hard. But we did it. and had it up and running in two weekends.

In Jan 2009 we had a coop fire.


The fire was started by a heat lamp. It was a total loss all the birds could not get out. I was lucky that Nathan was not home and at his mom's house that night. As I ran out the door to get my truck out of the drive I could hear the birds screeming and there was nuthing I could do. Two fire trucks 6 men to put it out. The smell was bad I was almost sick. Nathan took it well we told him that all the fire men tried to get them out but could not and he was happy to know that. But it was still not a easy thing for us.

Soon after everyone heard about this I had a old time farmer tell me he know of a coop that was not in use and I could have it. I just needed to move it. So we took a drive over and looked at it. It needed work but it was free and how could I not take it. After tracking a person done to move it and setting a date it was a go..

But wait the road code in Ma is 14' and we where too big so we needed to cut it back a little
Now we are good to go.......


Going Up Loaded and ready to move Big limb so I was up in side and moving it

Its new home Going down Safe and sound

So the move was about 10 miles and was nice and smoth. Again we had some issues with the drop off it was wet and mud was a issue. But we got it in place. We have some major work to do as you can see below but we have cleaned it out and are know building a new roof for it with windows. And the new chick order is going in this week. We still did incubate three just so the kids can see that hole thing again too. One was from the old coop I keep rolling it and I just hope it will hatch out so we have one going into the new coop from the old one.