Growing... and Growing...
The chickens are no longer babies. They look like adults now, and they are starting to act like adults, too. Their owners have also noticed that three of the banties are all black instead of the black with orange of the other banties. Thoose banties also are developing bigger combs and waddles. They also strut.
Yes, they are roosters.
The coop has been done for a while now. It is very cute and the chickens love running around in the wire run. It is closed in on top to keep the chickens safe from hawks.
This is a picture of the coop without the run.
The chickens are obsessed with cat grass. They eat it by the pot. They just rip it out or the dirt. When they are eating the cat grass it is clear that the pecking order has been established. All of the chickens move out of the way for one hen that is larger than the rest. The Rhode Islands appear to be higher up than the banties.
Chicken lover signing off.