Growing Chick.

By alexa009 · Jun 7, 2017 · ·
  1. alexa009
    Here is pictures of my red star growing in to a pullet.
    Here is when she just arrived in the mail.

    DSC05211 (2).JPG
    Now she is a week and a half and starting to grow in some feathers. She loves being outside! If I didn't know any better, I would think she is in heaven!
    DSC05414 (2).JPG
    Here she is in a tree.
    DSC05575 (2).JPG
    Here she is at 5 weeks making an awkward face at me.
    DSC05781 (2).JPG
    Now she is 8 weeks and is already moved outside.
    DSC05864 (2).JPG
    Another pic.
    About 10 weeks. DSC06588 (2).JPG
    Now 11 turning 12 weeks. DSC07290 (2).JPG
    Exactly 16 weeks.
    DSC07961 (2).JPG
    22 weeks, and not even laying!:barnie Lol! She is almost ready though, already does the egg-squat!:yesss:
    DSC09897 (2).JPG
    I will share more pictures soon!

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  1. sassysarah123
    BEAUTIFUL Alexa! I love her! She's the best!
  2. Flufferes
    OH MY GOODNESS! I love the pic at 5 weeks when she is winking, just plain ADORABLE! :lau
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    1. sassysarah123
      Yeah! VERY CUTE!
    2. alexa009
      Aww! Thanks!
      sassysarah123 likes this.
  3. DuckPro
    Great article! 5/5 for u!
    :D She is so cute in the first pic!
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    1. alexa009
      Thank you!!!!!!

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