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Growing Chick.

By alexa009, Jun 7, 2017 | |
  1. alexa009
    Here is pictures of my red star growing in to a pullet.
    Here is when she just arrived in the mail.

    DSC05211 (2).JPG
    Now she is a week and a half and starting to grow in some feathers. She loves being outside! If I didn't know any better, I would think she is in heaven!
    DSC05414 (2).JPG
    Here she is in a tree.
    DSC05575 (2).JPG
    Here she is at 5 weeks making an awkward face at me.
    DSC05781 (2).JPG
    Now she is 8 weeks and is already moved outside.
    DSC05864 (2).JPG
    Another pic.
    About 10 weeks. DSC06588 (2).JPG
    Now 11 turning 12 weeks. DSC07290 (2).JPG
    Exactly 16 weeks.
    DSC07961 (2).JPG
    I will share more pictures soon.

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