The best way to make the people at Pet Smart stop trying to force you to adopt every pet in the store... Have a cute little blond look them dead in the eye with a straight face, and proclaim "We have 3,024 pet,." agree, leaving out 3,000 are worms, 16 are chicks... They look at you like a freak, and try to hid the dog from you... LOL

Best way to kill 3,000 worms trusting the teen who tells you everything is ok and not checking yourself. After the worms survived the flood, the drought, the plague of mill worms, then the chicken invasion the 21 and many cocoons that are left will hopefully start to go forth and multiply!

Best way to waste time.. sit outsidein the shade watching the chickens free ranging in the grass, seeing kids playing and not think of all the other things you should be doing.
My Goodness raising chickens 25 years after the first time makes everything all new.. LOL