Growout Pens / Brooders

One day I needed to built some pens and quick and by myself. So after we had been working on the breeding pens it hit me I could build some panels to put together or take apart or divide or build more

Sorry I don't have picture during the building but I think you will ge the idea. Again I used pallet tops. They look like a picture frame and are made with a metal thingie that we can't get out so we use them as is. I took two frames and a scrap peice of wood and screwed them together. Then I added some plastic netting (these are used inside only)


So as you can see I basicly made two side panels and two end panels and just screwed them together. IF you put the end panel INSIDE the side panels when putting them together it makes things even better.

Because these pallet tops are about the same sizes you can make more panels like the ends and use them as dividers!!!!! IT IS GREAT!!!!!! The one above is divided into three sections.

This one is divided in half.


And this one has no divider.

These are very easy to put together, divide or even take down and store if needed. I can build these in about an hour by myself, but help is better. Right now I have door screens over the tops to keep the birds in, but I plan to make something that fits the tops that is easier to move to feed. Cleaning is easy too, I have thick plastic down under the pens and I can usually move some birds and then just pen hop the rest till all pens are clean. I can even pick the plastic up and take it to the compost pile.

One more thing, I have four of these and I had an isle down between each one but it was cramped. If you put two together with the feeders on the outside walls you would have more space to walk.
Like this.....

As time goes by, I am going to build a way to hang the lights, the lighting would be much better. You can also add ways to hold brooder lights or what ever you want really. I don't plan on taking them down but they would not take up much space if you did.

Hope I helped! Did I mention the wood was FREE! even better huhhhh?