HI! My name is Ashley, and I am 19 years old and I have tons of little babies!!
This year I started incubating and selling Guinea Fowl. I joinded backyardchickens.com to learn more about all types of poultry.

I live on a farm in NC with my family and love to spend time with all of my animal! -18 chickens--2 Indian Runner Ducks--15 Guineas--1 Horse--2 Pygmy Goats--
1 Peacock--And 9 barn cats!
Thanks for reading!
My Lavender hen
My Pied Royal Purple hen and Buff Dundotte male
My Coral Blue Male

Some Keets!

If you are interested in buying some keets from me you can send me a PM and tell me what colors and how many that you want!
Sorry, pickup only.
(I live in Cameron, NC)
Some Babies on the Way!

Other Pictures