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By Guitartists · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    My name is Angie and my family and I live in southern Michigan with our APBT Halo, 3 hermit crabs and Charli our Black Silkie & Roxie Hart our Mille Fleur d'Uccle . I look forward to meeting other chicken owners. I also built an incubator.. Thanks Miss Prissy for the Chic Chick Bator instructions! :D And I am now a Chick-a-holic! I have 20 newly hatched chicks with more eggs on the way :D I'm hooked! Later plans include a breeding program for Chocolate and Blue egg layers. Stay tuned! :D
    This is Charli This is Halo with Charli
    100_3066Large.jpg 100_3096Large.jpg
    This is my youngest son with Charli


    This is Roxie with Charli

    chicks3Large.jpg chicksLarge.jpg
    Some B&W art of my little Mille
    atrest2Large.jpg grooming2Large.jpg
    untitled1finalLarge-1.jpg Untitled2finalLarge-1.jpg
    untitled3finalLarge.jpg untitled4finalLarge.jpg
    My how they've grown!!!!
    apairLarge.jpg gilbertLarge-3.jpg
    Nap time
    chillinMedium.jpg roxieMedium.jpg
    nap.jpg charliroxie2.jpg
    New Additions
    sugar.jpg sugarspice.jpg spice.jpg
    group.jpg halo.jpg
    chick18.jpg chick06.jpg chick17head2.jpg chick01.jpg
    Some more recent pics ;)
    roxie2Large.jpg charliLarge-1.jpg pete5Medium.jpg 100_4988Medium.jpg 100_4970Medium.jpg 100_4963Medium.jpg 100_4926Medium.jpg 100_4889Medium.jpg 100_4868Medium.jpg 100_4851Medium.jpg 100_4924Medium.jpg 100_4910Medium.jpg 100_4906Medium.jpg 100_4895Medium.jpg 100_4890Medium.jpg 100_4873Medium.jpg 100_4847Medium.jpg 100_4972Medium.jpg 100_5012.jpg whatMedium.jpg trioMedium.jpg roxMedium.jpg dustMedium.jpg crazy2Medium.jpg charcharMedium.jpg

    You can see more pics and my artwork at

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