Here is my new hen house with the electric mesh solar powered run. I have had the run since 2009, using it with a pvc chicken tractor. I am very happy with my new house because I can walk inside it instead of lifting up the roof and bending in to work as I have to do with the tractor. The new chicks are in here now. When they are over 8 weeks and big enough to deal with the electric mesh, they and the old hens will use the new house and free range inside the mesh. This is because of all the dogs in my neighborhood who have killed several of my chickens. No predator deaths since I got the mesh in 2009!
Here are my new chicks at 5 and a half weeks, sitting on my knee brace - what a great perch! They enjoy their new house.
I thought I would enjoy sitting on a chair in the coop, but guess who got there first? https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/uploads/98442_chicks_july_17_2011_-_2.jpg

What they like and what we like are not the same thing. Here they are getting bugs out of the compost for me!