The coop section is 4x8 and the total size with the pen/run is 8x12. The front is 8 foot high with the rear lowered to 7 1/2 feet. The front door will be used for easy egg collection and changing of food & water.The entire right side of the coop will be on hinges to make cleaning a little easier. I plan on using a droppings board under the roosts with an area under that to socialize or whatever chickens do in their spare time.

Phase 2 of my coop construction.
The roofing paper is on, the windows are in and the exterior has a first coat of paint.
The windows are 31x19 Anderson Hoppers. I wanted something that can stay open if it rains.
The windows are reversed to open/close them without having to go into the coop.

The roof is shingled the fencing is up and second coat of paint is finished. Starting to look like a real coop......Finally!

Here are a few of the inside. The windows and vent are covered w/hardware cloth

A closer look at the roost & droppings board.

Ready to occupy at last! I have removed the perch for the nest and covered it till they are ready to lay.

Moving Day

Maiden Voyage.

The First Egg! Happened at 18 weeks to the day.
The golfballs are to give them a hint of whats expected.

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