Hello everyone! I have 6 adult chickens named Dotty (BA), Alice (BO), Rita (BO), Blue (Welsummer), Stella (Americana) and Serena, the Americana. I have 19 baby chicks in the basement. Some of the babies are named. There is Bella the Porcelain, Coco the Partridge Rock, Vivian the Americana, Lacy the Golden Laced Wyandotte, Scaredy the Millie Fleur, M.C. is a unknown breed, Quinsy the Silkie, Queenie the Silkie, And Amber the Millie Fleur. I have 2 friendly dogs called Opie and Willow, 3 cats named Cosmo, Emmit and Masy! R.I.P. Mr.Wobbles and Millie! you will be missed forever! I am a child who uses my mom's BYC account!
Okay. I forgot my updates. A year ago, Dodger and Scaredy had to go to a new home. Scaredy was the sweetest rooster you could ever see.