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Half Chicken Coop / Half Atv garage

  1. angiepulsifer
    So I got my first set of 4 chicks a little over year ago.....of course I couldn't stop there. Since then I have gotten 17 more. Sooooo my husband had to build me a bigger coop and run. He also was able to get something out of it for himself! He built two sides....one side is the chicken coop and the other side is a garage for his 2 Atv's. The entire structure is 9' x 16'.


    [​IMG]Girls are making their way down to the grass, I let them out to search and eat their bugs a few hours each day.



    [​IMG]Atv garage

    [​IMG]4 nesting boxes with two open ends for more if needed.

    [​IMG]The chicks door into the coop from the run, keeps wind and snow from blowing in and I don't have to go out and open and shut the door.

    [​IMG]This is the Atv side of the coop.

    [​IMG]The girls love their new house!

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