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    Hello there my name is Stone and I have been raising S.Q Cochins,and Silkies for 2 years now and i love everyday with them going out side to feed and water gives me something to look forward to when I come home.My favorite breed are Bantam cochins in black and white! My favorite color in silkies is splash and white!
    I am now getting in to seramas and hope to win a couple on here!!, My best friend got me hooked on here and it is amazing!!
    I hope to accomplish alot of breeding and showing done will in school!!
    I have a farm of a Trio of bantam black cochins, Quad of copper marans, tons of silkies,Bantam barred rocks and a brahma hen!! every day is allways an awsome day to come home and go out side
    Thanks for reading and have a good day!!!

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