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Hall Family Farm Swap Page

  1. HallFamilyFarm
    Welcome to the Hall Family Farm Swap Page!


    We can offer the following to swap:

    Backyard Coop Plans ($25 value)


    Feed sacks

    Hatching eggs when available

    Things we are looking for:

    White Orpington hatching eggs

    White Orpington Bantam hatching eggs

    Orpington LF/Bantam hatching eggs

    Wyandotte LF/Bantam hatching eggs

    Exhibition quality Buff Orpington cockerel/cock

    Things I Owe:

    Owed to me:

    6 Buff Ameraucana eggs

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    About Author

    VP Sales @ www.three16structures.com - Designer of Backyard Barns & Coops

    Hall Family Farm specializes in Heritage breeds of poultry since 1973!


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