Hal's chicken tractor

By pointpath · Dec 13, 2013 · Updated Dec 18, 2013 · ·
  1. pointpath
    All panels are removable for easy maintenance and cleaning. There is a plastic grid[​IMG]
    with throw away aluminum pans under the roosting area.
    When it gets cold the upper roosting and nesting area is enclosed with translucent plastic panels.
    I designed the CT for 4 hens. The lower area is 4 feet X 8 feet X 2 feet. The safe house is 6 feet X 4 feet X 2 feet.

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  1. Sharon Ruth
    Thank you for the response. My little dog she couldn't figure out what they were. She wanted to play with them but I was afraid she would hurt them
  2. pointpath
    Thanks Sharon. I have seen hawks circle and sit in a tree across the creek. I am sure they are trying to figure a way to meet the girls up close. I also have a dog that loves the chickens, they play together and the dog literally hates the hawks.
  3. Sharon Ruth
    Very Nice, that is what I need. I lost my chickens this past summer due to a hawk finding his way to my coop. I need to build something inclosed instead of free ranging them free to be devoured by hawks. Nice coop
  4. chickenboy190
  5. pointpath
    Built on an EZGO golf cart axel with 6 part lifting mechanism. Ramp to upstairs house is retracted when the girls roost.

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