June 2011
This is our Fourth year raising chickens! I can't believe I have had chickens over two winters now. Went by so fast. We went from wanting 6 chickens to NEEDING a dozen (LOTS of egg customers wanting more eggs). Then I decided I needed to get some that I enjoy for breeding/showing. This year will be my first year in the shows as well and first year really getting some nice birds for breeding. I raised D'uccles last year and really enjoyed it. I am down to a pair now but trying to get more hens for my beautiful rooster.

I will also be breeding Barnavelders, bantam cochins smooth/frizzle, bantam Ameraucana's lavender /lavender split, LF Ameraucana's BBS, and Buff Polish.
I have really enjoyed these past four years and my life is now complete. I have found what I LOVE to do. Five years ago I would have never guess this would be it. I tried many hobbies, trying hard to find something I love to do, always to leave each one in the dust months later...but this I truly love. I give my birds 100% and they are pets in my eyes, I treat them with respect and give them the love they deserve with plenty of space.
My hubby got me a digital sportsman incubator in 2010 which I use often! My family understands how I feel about my birds and support me in whatever I decide to do weather it be showing/breeding or just for fun. They are just wonderful :D