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By Hannah159 · Apr 27, 2012 · Updated Apr 30, 2012 · ·
  1. Hannah159
    Hey there! I think BYC is awesome and would recommend it. I will try to post some pics!

    Special thanks to Chloezoebob101 and Amillecay for being so nice. First two people i talked to on BYC.
    God Bless You Haley and Michaella!

    Thank you for reading this,

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  1. amillecay
    I must say I really enjoy talking to both of you, there was only one person on here I really talked to before you guys :D
  2. amillecay
    Aww, thanks!! :)
  3. chloezoebob101
    Aww! Your so sweet, thanks!! :)
  4. Hannah159
    Thanks again Haley!

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