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  1. Happy Chooks
    I live in Northern California and breed welsummers, so I thought I would make a page dedicated to them.

    Welsummers are gentle, curious, and friendly chickens - but they are not lap chickens. My rooster, Moose, is a fantastic protector, great with babies, and easy on the hens backs. He doesn't allow the older hens to fight with new pullets in the flock. My hens are very curious and friendly - they often get under my feet. They lay nicely colored, terra cotta eggs. As with Marans, welsummer egg color can vary in shade and does tend to fade as the hen is reaching the end of her laying cycle. Terra cotta is the desired color, with or without speckles.

    My rooster, Moose, at 6 months old:

    And more current pictures of him:

    And some of my hen's/pullets and some offspring:

    Here is the newest pullet added to my flock from another breeder. She has some wonderful qualities I'm hoping to add to my flock.

    And the eggs. Believe it or not, terra cotta eggs are hard to photograph:


    In full sun - welsummers left (from 1 hen laying at the time), barnevelder eggs right:

    Update: Here are some birds I am keeping from this years breeding (2013)

    I wanted a son from Moose, as he is almost 4 years old. Here is his son:

    And some of the 5 month old pullets:



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  1. Boudicea Farms
    I have a 10 year old welsummer hen named pet, she enjoys being carried around and still lays, yes at 10. I get about 3 eggs a month sometimes all in a row and sometimes 1 a week. She took no lay no stay seriously but she has a home forever since she is a pet. I was able to find welsummer chicks this spring so she will finally have her kind around hoping they are all pullets as they were special ordered. They are about 10 weeks old and so far I can't tell if there are any he's among the she's. I found welsummer chicks grow more slowly then the other breeds I have. (I raised 67 chicks this spring a lot I know but was told the average loss could be as high as 20 percent, my loss has been zero) I chose the ones with the darkest chipmunk stripes
    as another person also ordered and I was the first to pick, is that an indicator of being a pullet or a wives tale? How soon will I be able to tell cockrel from pullet and what should I look for?
    1. 10 acre woods
      The strain of welsummers I have can be sexed as chicks. The pullets have darker stripes. Sharper, more defined "V" on their head and it looks like they have eyeliner on. You should definitely be able to tell the cockerels from the pullets at ten weeks old.
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    2. Boudicea Farms
      It seems I lucked out and all are pullets out of the 24 ordered 8 were cockrels and I dodged the bullet by picking the ones with the defined chipmunk coloration so happy that it wasn't a wives tale, not that a welsummer roo isn't a magnificent creature, I just don't keep a roo.
  2. sassysarah
  3. Lori Merriam
    Moose is very handsome and am raising Welsummers for the first time. I'm excited to see how well they do in my neck of the woods. In your pictures of the ladies, there is a white one in the mix with black/gray on the neck. What type of hen is she? I like her coloring.
  4. Lady of McCamley
    Nicely done. I liked the Welsummers I had, mostly. They tended to be a bit noisy, but were friendly and good layers of clay pot colored eggs. Good article and lovely flock.
  5. nova022
    Great pictures! Your chooks are beautiful. Moose sounds like the ideal rooster!
  6. Patinas
    Thanks for sharing! I have 3 welsummer hens and they are lovely and some of the friendliest birds in my flock. One has taken a particular shine to me and would rather hang out and follow me around than with the flock when they're out foraging. She also chicken chatters constantly at me! Makes you want to know what they're trying to say! She doesn't let me to touch or pet her though...just wants to be around me.

    I was at a 4H show awhile back and there was a welsummer rooster there and it was the biggest rooster I personally have ever seen. Beautiful and very majestic looking guy!
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  7. Abriana
    So pretty. I love Welsummers.
  8. 10 acre woods
    Nice looking birds! I have raised Welsummers for the past four years now. I love everything about them. There will be Welsummers on my farm until I am unable to care for chickens anymore.
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  9. Debutante
    Your birds are magnificent! I have five, 6-week-old Welsummer chicks and I can only hope they're half as lovely as your flock. Interesting article and great photos of egg colours etc. Thank you for posting!
  10. Bogtown Chick
  11. chicknmania
    My hen Prudence is just over a year old. Her egg colors lately have been fading. She normally lays the most beautiful eggs with speckles. Could she be reaching the end of her laying cycle already? She is a sweet beautiful bird and she was on my "must have" list. I'm not disappointed.
    1. Fallenone05
      She could potentially be coming into her year old molt or even stopping or slowing down for the summer. You might also want to monitor poop for worm potential.
  12. BantyChooks
    Beautiful birds.
  13. sunflour
    Beautiful breed - amazing pics.
  14. king tail
    they are so pretty!
  15. MrsFitzDarcy
    I am looking to raise some Welsummers! Do you ship day-old chicks or juveniles? Do you show yours?
  16. babbles
    Looks great! lovely chooks!!!
  17. scampisi
    Moose is a striking rooster. Nice flock you have--lovely hens and eggs!
  18. Happy Chooks
    Thank you for the compliments everyone.
    OohLaLa - yes I have 2 VSB inside mount openers from Foys. In 4 years, they have never failed on me. I change the batteries every June so I don't have to worry about the batteries running out when we aren't here. I would buy them again in a heartbeat - worth every penny.
  19. Chickenfan4life
    They're so pretty! Nice rooster!
  20. OohLaLa
    Your Birds are are so pretty and the rooster is very majestic. In Georgia here hoping for some sun shine so I can finish building my first coop. Are you using the VSB automatic opener from Foys and how does it rate on your "Yah I would get it again" meter?
  21. Sally Sunshine
    I love them!!!
  22. BantamFan4Life
    Good luck on continuing to breed!
  23. bruceh
    very nice looking birds
  24. AyaBlodgett
    My brother just wants a laying hen or two. But he isn't looking for anything special. Not to worry. I told him those kind of hens he could get at the feed store. Good luck with your breeding program. Predators are a nuisance! Aya
  25. Happy Chooks
    I'm not in need of any roosters at the moment. I'm currently building up my barnevelder flock again due to a predator issue, so I don't have any hens available at the moment. Is your brother just looking for laying hens or for breeding?
  26. AyaBlodgett
    Wel l, I have some roosters if you want one. :) Your Welsummers look so much like a Barnvelder! I was surprised. I live in San Luis Obispo County but my brother lives in Loomis and he is looking for Barnvelders also. Do you have any hens you would like to sell?
  27. egmcvey
    Moose is handsome! Hope you get lots of peeps from him and a pretty little hen. :>)
  28. Happy Chooks
    Thank you for the compliments on my birds.
  29. sunny & the 5 egg layers
    Your birds are beautiful! Especially Moose!
  30. chickened
    Nice wellies. I have a little project going with welsummers and penedesencas. I am darkening the welsummer eggs with pennies. They look similar and should not be too hard to breed out the unwanted traits.
  31. Happy Chooks
    Yes, the welsummer eggs are the 2 in the center.
  32. Tikkijane
    I assume the first egg collection includes eggs from other breeds? :)

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