Happy Hen Chicken Rescue - Updates & Stories

By roostersandhens · Jan 17, 2014 · Updated Feb 28, 2014 · ·
  1. roostersandhens
    Happy Hen Chicken Rescue
    Updates and Stories
    Prevent Chicken Abuse - Spread The Word
    Happy Hen Chicken Rescue is located on the Central Coast of California.
    Our Main Goal: Rescue and re-home spent battery hens
    Website: http://zoehappydog.wix.com/happyhenchickenrescu

    BYC Thread:
    Contact: PM me or click contact on my website
    Adopt: If you would like to adopt please contact me.


    Update #1(1/17/2014): The coop will be built on Monday! Then I will try and rescue some spent battery hens.

    Update #2 (2/28/2014): 12 Hens Have been Rescued! This means picture time:


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  1. Mountain Peeps
    Love what you do, Zoe!!!!!! I want to rescue battery hens someday but in the mean time I hope and pray people become aware of what is happening in factory farms and stand up against it like you have!

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