We have Red Stars, Black Austrolorps, Rhode Island Reds, Partridge Rocks, Golden Lace Wyandottes, a Game bird cross and an Ameraucana.
It's January and warmer than usual, although we had a couple of days of below zero so far. The girls are handling it all in stride and we are now collecting an average of 18 eggs per day. Even the Ameraucana has started to lay!
We have no heat or lights in the barn for our 26 girls. We go out every morning with the lantern and feed and water. We use snuggle safe warming discs under the waterers in the really cold weather. Then we go back out with the lanterns at night and feed and water again and collect eggs. Then we talk about our day while the chickens eat and drink their fill.
Deep litter seems to be working well for us although we do clean the "poop places". I have a muck bucket in the corner for collecting it and then I can dump it once per week. We have double doors on the coop with the outside door being solid and the inside door screened. That really helps with air circulation because the solid doors will slide open and shut so I can open or close them as much as I need for the weather. So far so good.
Time to go back and gaze at my seed catalog again.......:)