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Harlans Hollow Farms

  1. HarlansHollowFarms
    Coop and Run
    Hello, I am Laura and I am currently in the process of putting together a coop and run for my little chickies that arrived in June 5.
    I cheated a little because I ordered a pre-built 8'x12' saltbox shed. However, I will be adding all the finishing touches myself. My shed arrived in May.
    My coop and run will be based on the design below. I will have a run on both sides of the coop, one will be for the chickies and the other will be a garden plot. Each year, in early spring, I will clean the coop and rotate the chickens and the garden area. My compost will be on the front side of the coop, as the horse barn is on that side, making it easier to transport manure.


    This is the building I am going to start with. Behind and to the sides will be my runs and garden area.
    My Rooster, Drumstick
    I have put a roost on each side of the coop
    July 23, 2009- got one run finished working on the otherside now.
    Keep checking in to see my updates.


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