Harriet, The Chicken That Has Changed my life

By Cluckcluck1215 · Feb 18, 2017 · Updated Feb 18, 2017 ·
  1. Cluckcluck1215
    You all know Harriet, or so youthink.The spunky, crazy, little fluff ball of pure love.But you don't know her hole story.It quite starts out like this.

    It was spring, June 2016, the 2nd.I has chosen 12 chicks that I wanted from Paris Farmers Unions chick flyer, and I gave it to my mother.Her face suddenly saddened and she turned to me,"We forgot the deadline"she whispered,"It's was May 3rd"she had told me.I had wanted to cry my head off, but I raced up stairs.She had told me her friend, Mellisa had 6 Partrige rocks, 2 weeks old.She sent us pictures,"NO"I had said,"I don't want just Partrige rocks and I want CHICKS"Back stairs I went.We had decided that we could get chicks that people didnt pick up there, but I was still upset.The next day, June 3rd we went out to Blue Seal, never had I been there.I entered the store, I heard cheeping.My eyes lit up and a raced up to he chicks, White Leghorns, SLWs, EEs, BRs.I was SO happy, it was come and pick up chicks.We couldn't get them just then, so we went home and decided to get them the 10th.I picked out my breeds:3 EEs, 1 Golden Comet, 1 SLW and 1 White Leghorn.We drove back the day, I was so happy.We picked out the chicks and drove home.We set the chicks in the Brooder and the little White Leghorn was quickly dubbed Bluestar and a EE Acorn and the GC, Tiny.And then the SLW Raven and one of the others EEs Sadie.I sat for HOURS that say with them.And then, that night we let them out of the brooder to "Play".We decided the the GC needed a different name, so we ended up calling her, Isadora and the other EE Indigo and Sadie, now Cinder.Back to Harriet.You see, it didnt mean to happen that "Bluestar"was quickly renamed, Harriet.Harriet is the spunky is, Crazy, cute, noisy little thing EVER and I adore her.

    For some reason, the Article won't let me edit Pictures in, so if you would like some pictures, PM me.

    To this day, she is 9 1/2 months old, born June 9th, 2016.She lays the cutest white eggs ever.But, she Proboly isn't a true white leghorn.She is SOOOO tiny, she can lay down in my hanf(Note, my hand is small)And she has Pink Skin, not yellow but I ABSOLUTLY adore her, no matter the breed!

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  1. Cluckcluck1215
    LOL, Bluestar didn't fit, and ironically, we had a cat who passed away, and his name was HARRY, and she acts just like him.Her name wasn't intended to be Harriet.XD, she is so fun y.
  2. HeavensHens88
    Awww, Cluck! What a touching story.
    I should write one about my chicken who saved my life......
    And so sad "Bluestar" was renamed Harriet, EVEN THOUGH Harriet IS JUST A DARN ADORABLE NAME- how come Bluestar didn't stick? 'Cause she Isn't blue and a Flock Leader XD?

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