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By hart31 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. hart31
    tvbator cam! Entering IBW!
    Feb 20 is day 20! Anxiously waiting for those first pips!

    Update! 14 chicks as of 10:00am Friday, Feb. 22
    Chick pics and a movie clip can be found at:

    Here are pics of my "tvbator", an incubator made from the cabinet of on old black & white television, a control from an electric fry pan for a thermostat control, a light bulb for heat, and a computer case fan for circulation.
    I had almost all the parts laying around the house or shop. The only items newly purchased were:
    1 light bulb socket --$2.47 (Lowes)
    1 accurite indoor/outdoor thermometer -- $14.50 (Walmart)
    1 water wiggler -- $4.95 (ebay)

    My personal homepage

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