~ Hatched ~

  1. Sally Sunshine

    ~ Hatched ~

    I hatched a little fluff ball
    as cute as can be,
    I held her, I loved her,
    And let her sleep with me!

    She was such a little sweetie,
    when she came running to me,
    Oh, how swiftly she has grown,
    She was as cute as can be!

    Then one morning
    unbeknownst to me,
    My little darling came running,
    But OH NO, She was now a He!

    I miss those snuggle mornings,
    but alas it was not to be,
    Now I have a BIG boy,
    just to CROW with me!


    RIP Melvin

    5/13/2012 ~ 10/24/2012

    Just a few days after writing this poem, taking his pictures and the video,
    Melvin, Silver Laced Wyandotte died suddenly.
    We believe his death was due to eating some Builders styrofoam which blew into his Run.

    PLEASE keep Styrofoam away from your chickens and fowl!

    Drawings of Melvin​

    Created by our own Artists from BYC!​

    by, Chickenfan4life

    by, bobelot

    by, 3Dchicken


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  1. youngchooklover
  2. Sally Sunshine
    Thank you! I love the drawings!! ; )
  3. Chickenfan4life
    Thank you, Sally, for adding my drawing.
  4. Chickenfan4life
    Uh oh. I think chickens have a problem with eating styro. *shrugs and rolls eyes*
  5. bobelot
    oh man my chickens went into thisush and did not know why but i found out there was a huge block of styro and they have been eating it for a long time!!!!!!!!!
    oh and thanks for putting my drawing on here
  6. tadpole98
    Very nice poem!! sorry about his passing >.<
  7. chickenpooplady
  8. Sally Sunshine
    OH NO Mich!!! That is SOOOO Not good! Styro is real real bad... After this happened I have heard more horror stories than I needed to in regards to styro and plastics, and I even FREAKED when DH had a black trash bag fitted over the sides of the feed trash can. It was shreaded by them in no time, I soooo hope my birds will be ok!!!
  9. mstricer
    That is an awesome poem. My stupid chickens have been eating styrofoam, they tore the wood away form the garage and ate all the foam from it. I will watch from now on.
  10. cluckcluckgirl
    Wonderful poem!
  11. willowbranchfarm
    Wow that's great. Your so talented!!!

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