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  1. BlueBirdChick
    Okay I've tried three hatching but none made it. Either they would die or something happened to the egg when it got shipped. I know Im not the only one who has had this problem but it is so defeating, deflating, depressing, and right down upsetting. You buy these eggs hoping that they are okay, I know its not the sellers fault half the time.
    Anyway a good friend of mine named Donnie sent me some eggs from his hens :) totally awesome (picture above) he sent me 30 . Then I got the call from the post office asking if I got a package of hatching eggs? Yes . Well it got smashed, trashed, kicked etc etc. and its leaking. My heart sank the color ran out of my cheeks on my face. I turned a nice lovely shade of white. So I book it to the post office which is within walking distance of me. I get there and the box is smashed I mean EWWWWWWWW. Anyway I take it home and I proceed to open it carefully just in case there are some survivors.
    I open it and 13 out of 17 were smashed to smitherens. So I let the 17 sit and rest after that trip :p the next day I put them in my hova incubator. Saying a prayer please dear lord let them be okay. Well I candled them at day 7 all but 7 made it. Well what do you expect after such a ride like that. Well some hatched one week and 5 days ago

    This is the first time I had a succesfull hatch and Im so glad that they came from such a great friend. I dont know how many times Ive told Donnie thankyou and gave him virtual hugs lol.. Problem is now that they are getting bigger and wanna fly the coop in fact I had to put some wire over the top now lol I forgot that they like to break free from jail sometimes hahaa. I walked in and I see Pulget on the kitchen floor WHOOPS hey you come back here. She got in my hands and climbed up my arm and onto my shoulder. SPOILED I tell ya hehehehe

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