Having the Right Coop.

By fergi582 · Jul 27, 2014 ·
  1. fergi582
    If you're new at taking care of chickens, then the first thing you need to know and have is the right coop!
    I assume that you would already know that, but the key to having the right coop is knowing that it is safe and reliable for protecting your chickens! If not your chickens are gone! That might sound a little harsh but I've had my fare share of losing chickens!

    When you are building your coop, I'd prefer that the coop has adequate living space, an outside run, ventilation, strong locks, and enough nesting box's and roosting bars!
    You need to have adequate living space and an outside run so your chickens won't be crowded also with the run they'll get fresh air and a little more room to roam in the run. Ventilation can be tricky, you need to have good ventilation because that will help your chickens breath in good air and help ventilate out some of the bad air. When dealing with locks, they need to be strong and durable so nothing can break in and get your chickens! Now with roosting bars and nesting boxes you need enough of each so about every chicken can have one. When putting in nesting box's all the chickens will probably use the same nesting box as the other didbut,:/ put enough in there anyways. So with all of these coop furnishings I guarantee you will have happy healthy chcikens!

    When building your coop make sure you make it the right coop and you'll have happy healthy chickens!

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