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By Aw-Ee Chicken · Aug 24, 2015 · ·
  1. Aw-Ee Chicken
    Example; cats and dogs don't get along well. Never have, slim chance they ever will! But animals have known to live with one another. Some name for that I forget, but they depend on each other. Some animals, when introduced to a species they aren't familiar with, go kind of nuts.

    Chickens seem to have a very loose way of life. When they get scraps, they get. Or when they lay an egg, it's not at 12 sharp every Monday, Wednesday, etc.! It's when their systems are ready. And the phrase "Don't be such a chicken", well, it's true. Chickens get nervous and frightened easily.

    Cats, on the other hand, are very organized and confident. Mornings, they lay in the sun, maybe groom themselves. Then wander to their dish, and meow and purr for food. When that's done, nap time. Another licking and try the dish again. Yet with their lazy lives, they think they're boss and best!
    So combine the two opposite lives together. [​IMG]

    I have one cat, one that can't get enough of herself, and a roomful of clucking hens. Thought they'd enjoy each others' company, you know. We didn't have a run yet, so they were locked up. Felt bad, and brought my best friend.

    At first the hens were fine. Just was a little confused when a weird, furry thing with claws dropped from hands that were SUPPOSED to be bearing gifts. Lily, the calico's name, shook a little, her narrowed eyes now wide, ears back, and fur raised. She inched to the door, and my chickens flew everywhere! Some landed on the nest, ladders, and the wires over the windows. Others who were pushed off crammed in the corner. And Lily jammed herself behind the window farthest from them, behind the cattle panel, and started meowing.

    My Dad was there, but he just said, "Go, Lil!"

    The rooster (this was when he was still in the coop) was the most scared. So he started the "Buck, buck, buck, buck-ock! Buck, buck..."

    Then the loud leghorns started and the rest followed. So we grabbed Lily and got out of there. Some had the nerve to run and attack the door after we closed it. Guess a little thoughtful gesture went to smithereens!

    So, never try that. Cats hate chickens, and chickens hate cats! [​IMG]

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  1. generaldsherman
    They've actually gotten used to mine. I think that's because the cats figured out that lizards are easier prey and gave up on the chicken...(yes, I have found dead-and live-lizards in my house :/ )
  2. BantyChooks
    YES exactly, my neighbor's cat is fine with chickens and will calmly walk past them, even when they are running, but my chickens will fly into a panic at the sight of her!! so weird...

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